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Inside the Workshop with @CanadianWoodworks

From his workshop in Ontario, Canada, Paul Lemiski—creator of Canadian Woodworks—fashions a wide range of beautiful and curvaceous wooden chairs, stools and tables.

The attention Paul pays to each creation shines through in the finished product, but that doesn’t stop him from taking time to share his process on Instagram at @CanadianWoodworks.

Through his photos and videos, Paul’s Instagram followers get a close look at every stage of the fabrication process. “I not only enjoy fine woodworking, I like taking a good photo and sharing what I’ve learned. It’s a combination of wanting a great photo that also shows some technical woodworking technique.”

With the introduction of video on Instagram, Paul’s been able to share even more: “I’ve found I use the video feature about as much as the picture mode. With it, I’m able to show different angles and get across more information.”

Get a peek in the studio by following Canadian Woodworks on Instagram: @CanadianWoodworks.


Yanlış şeye ölçü alıyorsunuz, benim vücudumun bir kıyafete değil, ruhumun yamaya ihtiyacı var.
Söküklerim var aklımın, biraz da oraya yama lütfen…. Unutulmuş dostluklar yama tutar mı sayın savcım? Ya acıtıp giden aşklar….
Taştan bir heykel yapıyorum kendime. Sokağın ortasına , bir kaide…



Muslims Celebrate Eid al-Fitr

Eid Mubarak to all those who observed Ramadan! The moon was sighted on Wednesday in Saudi Arabia, which means that Eid al-Fitr, or the “festival of breaking of the fast,” began today. Though a day-long holiday, some countries will observe Eid al-Fitr tomorrow instead. The festival marks end of Ramadan for Muslims and is celebrated with feasts, family gatherings and large groups gathering together for united prayer.

To see more photos and videos Instagrammers captured of the celebration, visit the Sultanahmet Camii (Blue Mosque) and Al-Masjid Al-Haram المسجد الحرام location pages. You can also browse the #eidmubarak and #eidalfitr hashtags.


Ramadan Begins Around the World

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, has begun, and devout Muslims across the world will observe the month by fasting during the daytime.

The sacred nature of Ramadan is rooted in Muslim belief that Muhammad’s first revelation came during this period. Muslims adhering to the fasting ritual will give up food and drink from dawn until sunset until the month ends on August 7.

Experience Ramadan around the world by exploring the #ramadan hashtag.


Turkish Protests Documented through Instagram

On May 31, three days after demonstrators set up camp in Istanbul’s Gezi Park to protest the development of a new shopping mall, police dispersed the crowd with water cannons and tear gas, setting off the most significant wave of protests in Turkey’s recent history.

Tapping into deeper cultural divisions and discontent, demonstrations have spread throughout Turkey, where protestors and bystanders alike have been documenting the skirmishes through Instagram.

View more photos from Istanbul by visiting locations pages for Gezi Park, İstiklal Caddesi and Kazancı Yokuşu. See photos from Ankara by visiting the Tunalı Hilmi Caddesi and Kuğulu Park location pages.


The World’s Most Beautiful Museums

“In poetically well built museums, formed from the heart’s compulsions, we are consoled not by finding in them old objects that we love, but by losing all sense of Time.” - Orhan Pamuk

In honor of International Museum Day, we assembled a list of our favorite museums around the world. Museums house the world’s treasures—be they artistic, scientific or historical—and in turn they are often designed to reflect or enhance the collections they host.

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Location Feature: The Hot Air Balloons of Cappadocia

View more photos of hot air balloons and fairy chimneys by visiting the Cappadocia location page.

In the middle of Turkey sits Cappadocia, a region defined as much by its iconic “fairy chimneys” as by its long and colorful history.

These days, visitors from around the world make the trek to this region to catch a bird’s-eye view of the unique and spectacular scenery. Each morning, 90 balloons lift more than 1,500 passengers high above the landscape, providing one of the best Instagram opportunities the world has to offer.